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Maldonado Speaks at White House Convening on Equal Pay

Michelle for VA

Mar 13, 2023

On March 13, Del. Michelle Maldonado took part in a White House State Legislative Convening on Equal Pay alongside Virginia colleague Sen. Jennifer Boysko and other legislators from across the country. The event was timed to highlight Equal Pay Day on March 14.

The White House noted that the convening "brought together state legislators who have worked for years to eliminate the gender pay gap, including many who have introduced pay transparency legislation this session." President Biden has worked to address the gender pay gap through executive action.

Speaking at the event, Del. Maldonado and Sen. Boysko highlighted the impact of lost wages on women, families, and businesses, and underscored data showing that banning the salary history requirement has helped to close the gender wage gaps. The two elected representatives carried pay transparency legislation during Virginia's 2023 legislative session, but the state's Republican-controlled House of Delegates killed both bills.

For more on this issue and the White House Convening on Equal Pay, see Del. Maldonado's joint media statement with Sen. Boysko:

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