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Maldonado's HB1702 Signed Into Law

Michelle for VA

Mar 30, 2023

After a legislative journey that began in January 2022, Del. Michelle Maldonado's HB1702 was signed by Gov. Glenn Youngkin on Monday, March 27. The House Bill will become law in Virginia on July 1, 2023.

The housing bill requires certain landlords to provide tenants 60 days' written notice prior to the end of a lease agreement of any rent increase that would take effect upon renewal. As Chief Patron of the housing bill, Maldonado championed the legislation through a lengthy process that saw it initially defeated in 2022. During the 2023 Legislative Session, HB1702 was approved by the Virginia House with bipartisan support on January 30, passed by the Virginia Senate on February 13, and shared with the Governor on March 2.

Maldonado has underscored the benefits of the bill for all parties, noting in January that "this bill will help families who rent their homes AND help reduce eviction rates for both families and landlords." The Virginia Poverty Law Center lauded the bill for giving tenants "clear notice of rent increases in time to find other housing."

Maldonado completes her first term as a Virginia House Delegate this fall. She is running for re-election in November for new House District 20, representing precincts previously belonging to House Districts 50 and 13.

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