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HB1247 Signed Into Law

Michelle for VA

Apr 9, 2024

A bill introduced by Chief Patron Del. Michelle Maldonado has been signed into law. First presented to the Virginia House of Delegates in January, the bill had bipartisan support and passed unanimously in March. Gov. Youngkin signed the bill on April 8, and it will take effect as of July 1.

"I come from a family of educators, a multi-lingual family, and served on our K12 education subcommittee during my first term in office. To me, education, housing, jobs, and healthcare are such key cornerstones of a healthy society and a healthy democracy," says Maldonado. "That's why I am so excited that my bill to modernize the funding formula AND provide significantly more funding for our English Language Learners in Virginia schools has been signed into law!"


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