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Del. Michelle Maldonado Passes Seven Bills With Bipartisan Support

Michelle for VA

Feb 6, 2024

Delegate Michelle Maldonado (HD20) has garnered bipartisan support for seven legislative bills for which she was Chief Patron in Virginia’s House of Delegates. House bills HB692, HB697, HB699, HB707, HB728, HB744, and HB1243 passed this week without dissent, while an eighth bill—HB990, also sponsored by Maldonado—passed along party lines.

A through line among the bills is their focus on the needs of vulnerable populations in Virginia. HB692 requires financial institutions to “identify and report the suspected financial exploitation of a senior citizen,” while HB699 outlines specific exceptions to patient counseling requirements in the prescription of opioids. HB744 and HB1243, the latter of which establishes the Unfair Real Estate Service Agreement Act, strengthen consumer protections for residents of the Commonwealth. HB990 focuses on wage transparency for all Virginians. First introduced by Maldonado last year, HB990 initially had been voted down by a then-Republican majority.

The three remaining bills provide common-sense, bipartisan legislation to manage swiftly evolving technologies. HB707 creates protections for the online privacy of children, while HB697 establishes consequences for using deceptive media (including those referred to as “deep fakes”) to commit criminal offenses such as fraud or libel. HB728 streamlines the management of surplus technological equipment.

“I welcome bipartisan support for my legislation, because it is imperative that we work together to build protections for our communities,” Maldonado notes. “Virginia is becoming a model for how Democratic majorities can shift legislative roadblocks by prioritizing policy over politics.”


Michelle Maldonado is a candidate for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s CD10 and a current Virginia Delegate; she represents the 20th House District and resides in the 10th Congressional District. As a former tech attorney  and business owner, Michelle focuses on identifying practical solutions to the issues facing the state and the country.


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