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Del. Maldonado: "Democracy Wins"

Michelle for VA

Jun 19, 2024

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA—Every time we vote, democracy wins. Every time we accept the results of an election, democracy wins. Yesterday the people of Congressional District 10 made their voices heard, and nominated the candidate by whom THEY want to be represented this November. This is democracy in action!

It is my privilege to concede to and congratulate our party’s nominee, State Senator Suhas Subramanyam. It is critical that we retain this Congressional seat for the Democratic party, and I will support Sen. Subramanyam’s path to Congress in the months to come. I also want to appreciate and thank all of my fellow candidates for their own commitment and hard work. They, too, have worked long and hard in order to offer choice—a keystone of democracy—to the voters of our District.

I also want to thank the countless dedicated volunteers and staff members—my husband Roberto and son Trey among them—who have shared my vision and focus. At a time when politics can be particularly combative and exhausting, all of them have worked tirelessly toward this opportunity to shape a better shared future.

While I am disappointed not to be the Democratic nominee for our district this November, I have been deeply honored by the encouragement and support shown me throughout this campaign. The engagement and participation within our communities have underscored for me that “conventional wisdom” is just a distraction. It is still possible to elect a representative government, where qualified grass roots candidates can gain momentum and where money is not the only measure of success. I continue to be replenished by connections I make while knocking doors, attending community gatherings, and doing the hands-on work of an elected representative. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Onward to November’s election! With our collective support behind the Democratic nominee, we can win this seat for our party. And rest assured, I’ll continue to represent the community in which I live and work as your Delegate. My sleeves are already rolled up, and I’m working hard—with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle—to make a difference.

With gratitude,



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