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Alsobrooks’ Maryland Success A Positive Indicator For Maldonado’s Virginia Bid

Michelle for US Congress

May 22, 2024

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA —Angela Alsobrooks’ Senate primary win over a millionaire opponent in Maryland is a harbinger for Del. Michelle Maldonado’s primary race in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, where at least four of her eleven opponents have access to deep pocket donors.

Alsobrooks was outspent 10-1, and her victory confirms that Black women are electable based on their professional and legislative records and expansive knowledge of real life issues. Her win was described by leaders from both EMILY’s list and the National Women’s Law Center Action Fund as “debunking the trope” that the candidate likeliest to win is the one that raises the most money.

Like Alsobrooks, Maldonado has a proven record of successful legislation, and has passed the highest number of bills this year in the House Democratic Caucus by working across party lines to address issues most important to constituents. Drawing on decades of related law, technology, and business experience, Maldonado is Founding Chair of the General Assembly's bipartisan and bicameral Technology & Innovation Caucus, Steering Committee Chair of its statewide AI Work Group, and sits on a bipartisan national steering committee for an AI Work Group of state legislators from around the country. 

Notes Maldonado: “The electorate wants candidates who can bring smart, effective problem solving to the state, federal, and international levels. They know that diverse perspectives and experiences power the insight, creativity, and confidence needed to build winning coalitions and enact real solutions to complex problems. I’m here to model a new and better way to use politics to meet the needs of our people.”

The nonpartisan, independent research group Open Secrets has shown that Black women candidates face significant barriers to reaching the fundraising numbers traditionally associated with electability. The risk to voters in a crowded primary race is that strongly qualified Black women frequently lack the financial resources to buy media visibility and secure high profile endorsements. As a result, voters remain unaware of qualified, representative candidates. Maldonado is aware of these challenges and has deployed a strong grassroots strategy to reach voters where they are.

Alsobrooks and Maldonado have both been endorsed by Higher Heights as Black women with outstanding records in business, community-building, and politics. Alsobrooks’ primary win points to a way around the fundraising obstacle: a campaign focused on providing solutions to the issues that matter most to voters.


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